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About Us

AMH recycling is a full service concrete and asphalt recycler and recycled aggregate producer based centrally in the industrial heart of the San Fernando Valley, Sun Valley, our location is critical in reaching a vast market of inert material producers and consumers of recycled aggregates.

AMH recycling offers a vast range of end products to meet our customer’s needs and are always willing to produce customer specific material based our customer’s exacting specifications.

100% Recycling Recovery Rate

All materials accepted by AMH Recycling are recycled at a rate not less than 100%. This has been our recycling rate since our inception in 2005 and has not varied since. There is no by product generated as a result of our recycling process and all materials accepted are again 100% recycled. The materials accepted at AMH Recycling are concrete  (re-enforced or un-reinforced) and asphalt.

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